Bagmart’s Custom Bags: Frequently Asked Questions

By Bagmart   |   March 2, 2022

Custom Bags

No matter if you have a large or small-sized business, the right bag makes all the difference. You want a high-quality bag that gives you the chance to display the products you have to offer. Bagmart carries a wide selection of bags for businesses that are designed to highlight your goods to consumers. In addition to our stock selection, we also do custom bags. These bags are perfect for when you need a special size or feature or want a logo included. Here are some things to consider regarding our custom bags.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you place your order and send a digital version of your artwork, Bagmart takes around a week to create a proof that we send to you for approval. Following this, it takes 4-6 weeks for production, then up to a week of shipping depending on your location. Typically, we ask customers to send their orders two months in advance from when the bags are needed.

What Sizes of Custom Bags Do You Create?

Depending on your needs, we likely can create bags of various sizes with the features you need. Whether it’s pleats that fold out to give you extra room, a die-cut handle, or zipper locking that prevents tampering, we give you the options you need. In terms of thickness, we can customize for this as well; just let us know in either mils or microns what size you are looking for. If you’re not quite sure of the specific size of the bag you need, you can tell us what is going in it. We also customize based on the materials you need, including standard polyethylene or bags similar to cellophane.

Do You Do Prints?

Bagmart can add your custom graphics to our bags. All you need to do is send an e-mail with the artwork in a digital format (most of our vendors use Vector Art). Typically, printing is charged on a per color/per side basis. This means if you use fewer colors and only print on one side, you save money on printing costs.

How Many Custom Bags Can You Do?

While it depends on the bag, the manufacturing plant will usually require a minimum of 5,000 bags. This can be modified based on numerous factors, including the bag type and size. If you are in need of fewer bags, an option may be to get an unprinted bag and apply labels manually or reach out to a printer offering “hot stamping”.