Bagmart’s Hospital And Patient Bagging Products

By Bagmart   |   August 26, 2021

Take a look at Bagmart's extensive collection of hospital and patient bagging products.

Serving a wide range of industries, Bagmart has offered bagging products to businesses in the food industry, hospitality industry, and even retail. But the industry that stands out the most is the health and environmental industry. From bedside bags to sickness bags and personal belongings bags to emesis containment bags, Bagmart offers a variety of patient care and hospital bags for the health industry. Here are some of our most popular hospital bags. </span>

Emesis Containment Bags 

Firstly, emesis containment bags are primarily used in emergency rooms, recovery rooms, and even clinics. They are used to prevent patients’ exposure to emesis, minimize spillage, measure content, and even reduce overall contamination risk. Bagmart sells a variety of emesis containment bags that are made from low-density polyethylene with a seal top closure and two outside flaps. These bags also come with write-on blocks to sign the patient’s name onto it. While priced at a costly $136.71, these emesis containment bags include 1,000 bags in a single container and weigh only 23 pounds. Click here to learn more about Bagmart’s emesis containment bags.

Blue Soiled Linen Liners – High Density

Secondly, saving lives isn’t always the prettiest, and the health industry can prove that. Sometimes, in certain instances, patients will soil their clothes when put through severe distress. This calls for a specific type of bag to hold their soiled linen. Bagmart sells high-density blue soiled linen liners that will hold a variety of soiled clothing. With a star-sealed bottom for extra strength, these bags have “Soiled Linen” written on the front in both English and Spanish. Additionally, blue soiled linen liners come in the two sizes of 31 x 41 and 31 x 43. Priced between $38.21 and $39.29, these bags are commonly used by the housekeeping staff of hospitals and clinics. For more information on Bagmart’s high-density blue soiled linen liners, click here

Green-Tinted Gas Sterilization Bag

Finally, we transition from blue to green. Bagmart’s green-tinted gas sterilization bag has been manufactured to keep items sterilized and safe from any outside gases. These bags are fortunately bundled in a 100/staple pack delivery system. In addition, all bags are tinted with the color green and come in packs of 1,000 in each box, weighing 26 pounds. Priced strictly at $50.33, the green-tinted gas sterilization bags come in only one size. To learn more or purchase Bagmart’s green-tinted gas sterilization bags, click here

Personal Belongings Bag – Rigid Snap Handle

Whenever someone leaves a hospital or clinic, they are given a bag for all of their personal belongings. Bagmart provides hospitals and clinics all across the country with personal belongings bags with a rigid snap handle. These bags have “Personal Belongings” in blue lettering and are opaque white made for patient privacy. These personal belongings bags come 200 per container at 7 pounds per box. Priced at only $68.14, these bags come in only a single size like the green-tinted gas sterilization bags. To look more into Bagmart’s personal belongings bag with a rigid snap handle, click here