Bagmart’s Industrial Service Products

Bagmart’s Industrial Service Products

As we’ve said in previous blog posts, Bagmart is an industry leader known for working hand-in-hand with a wide range of industries. From food service to hospitality and healthcare to retail, Bagmart has provided state-of-the-art bagging materials for businesses all around the country. One of these industries that Bagmart is proud to work with is the industrial industry. From heat sealers and shrink systems to bags on rolls and poly tarps to trash bags and bin liners, Bagmart has something for every business to grow and flourish. 

Our ultramodern bagging materials are carefully designed and manufactured to hold an assortment of products and produce. We pride ourselves on developing materials that not only meet our customer’s wants and needs but exceed them. Almost every business utilizes some bagging material. Whether it’s through trash bags or laundry bags, bagging material plays a crucial role in how we conduct our day-to-day business. Here are just a few of the products that Bagmart supplies the industrial industry with. 

Heat Sealers & Shrink Systems 

One of the many products that Bagmart offers to the industrial industry is heat sealers and shrink systems. We offer a variety of both heat sealers and shrink systems, such as the Impulse Foot Sealer. For hands-free product and bag handling, the Impulse Foot Sealer comes with a pedal that allows you to have both hand free to handle your product while sealing. This state-of-the-art product is priced at $265.50 to $422.10 depending on width. 

Another popular heat sealer Bagmart has to offer is the Impulse Hand Sealer with Cutter. This heat sealer is known for its built-in cutter that is absolutely perfect for the use of tubing. This allows our customers to make their own bag at any length they see fit. The Impulse Hand Sealer with Cutter is primarily used with poly tubing to achieve the various lengths you need with a cut-off above the seal of the bag. And from only $120.60 to $239.50, the Impulse Head Sealer with Cutter is more than worth the price. 

Laundry Bags 

Laundry bags are a necessity in the hospitality industry. And luckily for you, Bagmart has two of the best types of laundry bags. The first laundry bag that Bagmart has to offer is the 14X24 Tear Tape Laundry Bags. At just $64.27 for 1,000 bags, the 14X24 is the perfect laundry bag for any small to medium-sized operations. These bags are printed with information on their sides.

The second type of laundry bag that Bagmart has to offer is the 18X19 + 4BG Draw Tape Laundry Bags. More expensive than the Tear Tape Laundry Bag at $100.71, the Draw Tape Laundry Bag is offered in two closure types: the tear tape and the draw tape. This gives the Draw Tape Laundry Bag more versatility when it comes to using one bag in multiple different ways. 

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