Bagmart’s Popular Retail Products

By Bagmart   |   May 7, 2021

Plastic Retail Bags

Bagmart prides itself on providing advanced bagging products for a wide range of industries such as health and environment, food services, and even retail. When it comes to buying durable and stable plastic bags for all your retail needs, Bagmart is the perfect place to go. From die-cut handle bags to ice bags and laundry bags to bags on rolls, Bagmart sells a variety of products for the entire retail industry. 

Shop Our Plastic Retail Bags

At affordable and reasonable prices, Bagmart has strived to offer the best customer service with high-quality products. In order to keep your products safe and secure, we provide durable plastic bags for anything you could think of. Take the time to look at some of Bagmart’s popular retail products. 

Garment Bags 

One of the most important things for anyone is a sense of fashion. And without plastic bags, it’s hard to keep our uniforms and clothes safe and clean. Bagmart offers a variety of garment bags that come in multiple sizes, such as .35mil, .6mil, and .75mil. These garment bags are prominently used in dry cleaners, uniform, and laundry services. The garment bags come in a wide range of sizes just to fit various builds and sizes. 

Trash Bags And Can Liners 

You can learn a lot about someone when you go through their trash. But you can’t have trash if you don’t have something to put it in. Bagmart manufactures and sells a variety of trash bags and can liners made for all kinds of trash cans. These trash bags come in clear and black with a kitchen-size bag in white. They also come in either high-density and low-density densities. And with no side seams or side seals, these trash bags are state-of-the-art and popular among most retail stores. 

Wet Umbrella Bags 

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain without an umbrella. Umbrella bags are the perfect product for keeping your umbrella dry and secure. And along with the wet umbrella bags, Bagmart also sells umbrella bag stands to dispense them. The stand is constructed of durable steel material and has a 19-inch rounded base. The stand also includes 2-inch hooks on both sides. And priced at only $125.27, the umbrella bag stand is one of Bagmart’s most popular products. Bagmart also provides 100 bags with every header pack. The wet umbrella bags also help prevent potentially dangerous falls. 

Newspaper Bags 

While most news is absorbed through television or the internet, newspapers are still prominently used throughout the country. And in order to keep these newspapers protected so you can actually read them, they must be put into plastic bags. Bagmart sells a number of newspaper bags that keep your newspapers protected and sealed from the outside world. Bagmart sells boxes of newspaper bags, 2,000 bags in each individual box. The newspaper bags are 5 1/2 X 16, while the boxes weigh only 6 pounds.