Bagmart’s Steamer Bags

By Bagmart   |   December 6, 2021

Steamer Bags

Everybody likes coming home to a hot dinner after a long day. However, with so many commitments we have, it’s not easy to cook something once we get back home. Frozen dinners are an option for many people but many aren’t as good as homemade. Fortunately, there is a way to combine modern convenience with traditional cooking methods. Bagmart’s collection of steamer bags allows you to pre-package take-home meals for customers to cook themselves quickly and easily. Here is more information on these bags.

What Are Steamer Bags?

Understanding why steamer bags are becoming more popular for home cooks starts with knowing how they work. Bagmart uses Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags to give grocers a way to provide fresh, packaged take-home meals. These meals can be cooked by shoppers themselves directly in the bag, making both cooking and cleaning easier. The Ready. Chef. Go!™ bag is used by grocers worldwide to package raw meat, seafood, and produce, complete with any marinades and seasonings. All of the ingredients are in the bag, ready to cook once purchased.

The inspiration for Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags come from France, and the cooking tradition of “en papillote”, or “in parchment”. The en papillote cooking method works by using steam to cook food, usually in parchment. As the moisture in the bags reaches its optimal temperature, it turns to steam, which cooks the food in its own natural juices. As a result, the meals that are cooked in the bags come out fragrant and juicy. This method is a quick, simple, and healthy way to cook meals.

Bags Available at Bagmart

Bagmart carries a wide variety of Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags that can be filled with any meals you want. These bags are perfect for selling as an individual, ready-to-cook meal that is perfect for customers looking for a quick, take-home option. Our bags can go in a microwave or a conventional oven. For consumers that like cooking outside, the Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags are also grill-friendly. The grilling bags come with a non-stick sheet inside each bag. They also have an aluminum foil bottom which transfers heat efficiently throughout the bag. On top is a clear window, giving chefs a way to easily monitor the cooking progress. Whether it’s meat, seafood, or vegetables, they all cook quickly on the grill with no flare-ups and without flipping the food.

Our Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags have a glassine top and a parchment paper backing in either brown or black. For customers that prefer the grill option, a foil-lined bag is also available. We have steamer bags that come in both printed and unprinted formats. The printed versions have recommended cooking times directly on the bags. These times list suggestions for a variety of meats and sides and are designed to take the guesswork out of cooking. Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags come in a 250-count package. There is also a package of 6 bags which can be sold directly to customers for home use.