Food Industry Bags at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   December 20, 2021

Food Industry Bags

Food plays a major role in everyday life. No matter what time of day, whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or every snack in between, food is important to how we live. The was the food it stored is just as important. Bagmart carries a wide selection of food industry bags that are vital and essential to the foodservice industry. These bags ensure that they keep food safe and secure for both you and your customers. Here are some of the food industry bags we carry.

Metalocene Ice Bags

Ice can be integral to businesses. Many sell it to consumers to keep drinks cold. Others use it as a method of cold storage. If you’re looking for a way to hold ice, Metalocene Ice Bags from Bagmart are a great option. Made from a special production process, these bags create a specific property balance. This process makes the bags ideal for cold storage and for holding ice. Metalocene Ice Bags have excellent durability and strength and meet all FDA requirements for food products. In addition, we also carry ice bucket liners for use within the hospitality industry.

Seal Top Bags

If you are looking for a quick way to store and easily display your products, Bagmart seal top bags are perfect. These bags come with a zipper-lock seal designed to open and close frequently and easily. This offers great protection and convenience, all at an affordable price. Bagmart’s Clear Line Seal Top Reclosable bags come in 2- and 4-mil sizes and are ideal for short-term or refrigerated storage. They are FDA compliant and are packed for convenience and cleanliness. Our bags also feature optional hang holes to easily be displayed in stores, and write-on blocks to hold important information.

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum sealing is a great way to extend the shelf life of your products. Bagmart carries two styles that can help food industry professionals. Our Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches meet both FDA and USDA requirements for food product usage. They are made with a seven-layer mixture of polyethylene and nylon resins and can be stretched to fit unique product shapes. With high impact resistance and a low oxygen transfer rate, the bags are perfect for holding meat, fish, nuts, snacks, and more.

We also feature Laminated Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouches that are made with rugged multi-layer construction. This process means better barrier properties for transmission of both oxygen and moisture vapor, extending the shelf life of products. The bags contain top-quality laminated poly-nylon, giving them high levels of impact resistance, strength, and clarity.

Pan Liners

For those looking for a way to hold cooked food, consider the selection of pan liners available at Bagmart. These liners protect baking, oven, and roasting pans as well as other pots. Lining your cookware with these bags makes cleanup a breeze. In addition to saving cleaning time, these liners also extend the life of your pans by serving as a barrier to the sticky, baked-on residue. Our pan liners are made to withstand temperatures from -70 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.