Grocery Bags Available at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   November 5, 2021

Grocery Bags

We don’t usually think of where bags come from when we go grocery shopping. But bags are a major part of our daily shopping routine. Bagmart offers grocery stores numerous advanced bagging products. We carry bags that can be used in multiple departments, and every bag is at reasonable and affordable prices. Bagmart bags are durable and hold all kinds of groceries, all while keeping products safe and secure for shoppers. Here are some of the supplies we create for grocery stores.

Produce Grocery Bags

Every grocery store needs a selection of produce bags to give customers a way to carry their favorite fruits and vegetables. Bagmart has a variety of options to match the needs of any store. Our bags hold apples, grapes, potatoes, lettuce, and more with ease. Celery bags made from low-density material fit stalks of any size. Lettuce bags come vented, allowing the bags to let air circulate through, extending the life of the product. Potato bags also have vented designed to prolong freshness, and in addition, have large side gussets that allow customers to place 5 pounds of vegetables in them. Many of the produce bags have the option for printed graphics or to remain as a standard unmarked bag.

Bakery Bags

Bagmart bakery bags are the best way to hold any kind of baked goods, from bread and everything in between. For smaller items, our selection of cookie bags is perfect for holding single servings. Saddle bags are perfect for single-serve treats and feature a flip-top to keep things in place. Additionally, lip and tape bags have strong, economical material, and come with an adhesive tape top that allows for easy opening and closing.

For larger-sized or multiple items, there are high-density bakery bags that come with a high-slip interior surface. These bags make loading baked goods fast and easy. These bags have the option of graphics included and are partially transparent. This makes it easier for cashiers to ring up what’s inside. Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags also are perfect for French or Italian baguettes. They feature multiple micro-perforations within the bag, allowing for excess moisture to escape. With these perforations,  bread crusts are kept crisp, and shoppers prevent soggy loaves. The holes also allow for the “fresh-baked” smell of the bread to come out from the bag, providing a smell that customers will want to pick up immediately. These bags come in four different sizes to match the needs of any size loaf.

Also available is a selection of bun pan and rack covers, which provide protection for bakers. Whether it’s a full rack of dough or a single tray of bread, these covers match the needs of any store and are available in multiple sizes.

Deli Bags

For grocery stores with a deli department, Bagmart bags are the perfect way to hold things that are both hot and cold. For example, blue-tinted slide seal bags are a great tool to hold bulk cuts of deli meat. These lower density bags replace traditional shrink wrapping with strong, thick materials that stand up to temperatures below zero. These are excellent options for longer-term food storage. The slide seal provides tight and secure sealing but is capable of opening easily.

If your store offers packaged sandwiches for sale, there are numerous bag options available. Traditional lip and tape sandwich bags can be loaded quickly and easily and sealed multiple times with no loss of strength. Flip-top bags have a high-density material with an efficient closing mechanism. When paired with a saddle pack dispenser, these bags open with one hand, which makes it easy to load items of various sizes. We also offer pre-opened bags on rolls made with our exclusive resin which provides extra strength. These bags work with automated equipment with an industry-standard core and precise perforations to aid in bag performance.

Larger deli bags are also available and come with either a sliding seal or a seal top mechanism to keep items places in them fresh and secure. These bags ship with a plain design or a “Fresh To Go” print. In addition, despite being .8 mils thick, the bags provide unmatched resilience and strength when compared to thicker competitors.

Bagmart has a wide selection of grocery bags that fit in any area. Whether you want a traditional or printed bag, small or large, we have everything you need to meet the needs of your shoppers.