Heat Sealers from Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   February 2, 2022

Heat Sealers

If you are a business looking for a way to securely hold your bagged products, consider purchasing a heat sealer. A heat sealer is a machine that seals packages, products, and other plastic materials through heat. One of the most prominent types of sealers is the impulse sealer. These seal plastics by applying a pulse of energy to the sealing area then immediately cooled, all without warmup time. Bagmart carries a vast selection of these heat sealers as well as the supplies you need to seal anything perfectly. Here is some of our inventory.

Midwest Pacific Heat Sealers

Bagmart offers numerous hand sealers from Midwest Pacific. These sealers are designed to be operated by hand and are rugged enough to use in constant operation. The Midwest Pacific Tabletop Hand Sealer sits on your counter or table and is activated by pressing a bar located on the sealer. A separate version includes a cutter, which is perfect for use with tubing. Using this machine, you can effectively make a bag of any length. The cutter delivers a consistent ¼” margin above the seal. In addition, it can be used with regular poly bags to provide a consistent “cut-off” above the seal. Finally, foot-operated sealers are also available. These are hands-free sealers that create watertight, airtight seals for poly bags and tubing.

Shrink Wrap Systems

In addition to heat sealers, Bagmart also offers shrink wrap systems. Our shrink wrap machines are made from quality material that is wear and rust-resistant. It features a heat gun with multiple speeds and heat resistance to shrink wrap safely and securely. All sealers we carry have 110V and come with a 500′ roll of film and a heat gun. When you need to refill the film, we have you covered there as well. We offer shrink film from Midwest Pacific that is top quality and crystal clear. The film has excellent thickness consistency and shrink properties.

Heat Sealer Equipment

If you ever need supplies for your heat sealer, count on Bagmart to provide you with the essential gear you are looking for. We offer heating elements in both round and flat versions to make cutting and sealing easy. We also carry repair kits designed for the shrink wrap systems we carry. These repair kits include a lower Teflon seal bed cover and an upper Teflon cover, plus an element cover and extra element.