Medical Bags Available from Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   January 5, 2022

Medical Bags

For medical professionals, bags may not seem like a major part of their job. However, they play a major role across a variety of areas. Whether it’s protecting equipment from dirt and dust or holding prescriptions, bags are important in numerous ways. Bagmart knows this and carries a selection of bags for every area of the healthcare industry. Here is a sample of what we have.

Medical Equipment Covers

When your hospital gets a piece of equipment, you want to ensure it’s protected from dirt, dust, and other elements. Bagmart sells durable plastic covers for various pieces of equipment, all in multiple sizes and colors. For mobility devices, we carry covers for walkers and wheelchairs. In addition, we offer bags designed to protect ventilators, nebulizers, liquid oxygen systems, and other larger pieces of equipment. We also have bags that protect bed frames and bed rails, ensuring that they are clean and ready for use.

Pharmacy Bags

When you are looking for a way for patients to conveniently hold their prescriptions, Bagmart has bags to meet your needs. We offer paper bags that feature a latex-free adhesive tape closure and an opaque design to protect the privacy of patients. For pharmacies that prefer plastic bags, we provide tamper-evident transport bags with a strong adhesive seal closure and have an integrated perforated tear line for easy opening. Also, we have syringe bags that transport and temporarily store syringes used to deliver nutrients through a patient infuser set and line.

Hospital Medical Bags

If you work at a hospital, Bagmart has the bags you need. To start, we carry bedside bags that help with discarding bedside refuse in a hospital, care facility, or home. We also offer personal belonging bags that allow patients to carry their items securely and privately thanks to the opaque design. Sickness bags and infectious waste liners are also available.

Tamper Evident Medical Bags

Bagmart carries tamper-evident bags in a variety of sizes. These bags feature a strong adhesive closure for security as well as perforations for easy access. In addition, they hang directly on the wall in 2-prong and 3-prong setups. The tamper-evident pages come in both printed and clear unprinted versions.