Air-Flow Hand Wrap – Extended Core Handles (WAF03)



Product Description

WAF03 – 17″ width, 1,000′ length, 4 rolls/case, 40 cases/pallet (pricing is per case of 4 rolls – based on pallet qty)

  • Industry Uses
  • Flower / Seeds / Nursery
  • Pet Food
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture / Produce / Farm / Garden
  • Meat Products
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Wood / Lumber / Paper Mills
  • Dairy / Frozen Products

Overview: Air­FlowTM pallet wrap is a stretch film with die cut
holes for ventilation. Air­FlowTM is a proven alternative that
services the agricultural, industrial and manufacturing
industries. Air­FlowTM comes in two die cut variations: AirFlowTM standard film and Air­FlowTM Premium. Air­FlowTM
meets industry challenges.

Condensation: Air­FlowTM permits condensation to leave the
pallet, thus protecting the packaged goods and other
packaging materials (labels, printed display cartons).

Even Cooling: Die cut holes allows products to cool evenly and remain the same
temperature throughout the pallet. Vent holes allow the product to cool faster which reduces
cooling costs.

Reduce Spoilage: Regular stretch film blocks cool air from entering the pallet and keeps
humidity from escaping. Internal build up contributes to spoilage during storage and transit.

Waste Reduction: The unique design, recyclability and film weight of Air­FlowTM establishes
it as a viable source reduction solver. Air­flowTM is 100% recyclable and requires less land fill

Labor Savings: Works on conventional stretch wrapper machines. Quick and easy way to
start wrapping. Does not have to be tied off and only requires one person to apply.

Forklift Friendly: Air­FlowTM does not tangle in forklift wheels. Once cut from the pallet, the
sticky properties keeps it waded into a ball and out of the forklifts wheels.

Less Wear: Netting tends to tangle in the wrapper’s rollers.
Air­flowTM dispenses freely, does not fray or tangles in the

Freezer Film: Air­FlowTM does not have a flash freeze
breaking point. Due to its chemical composition, it will hold up
in all cold storage and freezing applications.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 1000 × 17 in
Units Per Package


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