1 Mil Standard Pan Liners



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Poly Nylon Pan Liners are made from a tough 1 mil Polyethylene and Nylon material that provides a level of protection that can’t be matched. Poly Pan Liners make clean up a breeze and save labor costs because they protect oven baking and roasting pans, steam table serving pans, cooking pots, baking sheets and more from cooked-on residue that can requires endless scrubbing. In addition to the savings in labor costs, there’s also savings to be realized from reduced wear and tear on pricey pans and equipment. The liners are designed to withstand temperatures from +400 degrees F to -70 degrees F.

Saves money by reducing amount of labor required for clean up in busy kitchens
1 mil thick Polyethylene and Nylon laminate material offers unmatched protection and durability
Temperature range from -70°F to 400°F


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