Opaque (White/Grey) Co-Extruded Postal Approved Poly Mailer – Non-perforated



Product Description

These BagMart tamper-proof, water resistant poly mailers come WITHOUT a perforation below the permanent tape closure.  The 2.5 mil, co-extruded, opaque courier bags have a white exterior and grey interior.

Poly Mailers are economical and perfect for shipping a variety of non-fragile items. Our co-extruded 2.5MIL polyethylene, self-sealing poly mailers are strong and tamper evident. They are capable of withstanding fraudulent attempts via high or low temperatures and chemicals.

Poly Mailers allow you to reduce shipping costs while ensuring that your products are protected from the elements. Incredibly strong and tear resistant our Poly Mailers are ideal for shipping towels, clothes, fabrics, documents, and etc.

Additional Poly Mailers benefits include:

  • The easy adherence of stamps, self stick labels, and ink
  • Water resistant
  • Tamper evident
  • Lightweight to save on shipping
  • Tough seams allow for heavy loads
  • Tear resistant
  • 100% Polyethylene and recyclable

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