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BagMart’s Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags make bread tasty and tempting! Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags contain thousands of micro-perforations throughout the bag that allow moisture from the bread to escape the bag after the bread’s packaged. This keeps the crust especially crisp to maintain a ‘just baked’ taste and texture and prevents the bread from becoming soggy. These micro-perforations also allow a small amount of “fresh bread aroma” to escape the bag, helping to fill the store or bakery with a tempting aroma that few can resist.

The bags are made from polypropylene material for a crystal-clear product presentation that makes the bread virtually irresistible. BagMart uses the outstanding combined properties of a cast polypropylene (CPP) material to give these bags superior strength, clarity, tear strength, impact and puncture resistance and low temperature sealing performance compared to a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material that is often used in an application such as this.

These bags are the ideal packaging solution for fresh-baked bread, but what are they like to work with? The answer is: they’re great to work with! They’re available in four sizes that make it easy to find the right bag for any size loaf or package. Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags are packaged on wicket dispensers (50 bags/wicket) that make them really quick and easy to fill, helping to speed up any bakery’s operations. The case pack is designed to make them even more convenient for supplying and ordering: all Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags are now packaged in case packs of 1,000 bags (20 wickets/case).


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