Pre-Opened Sandwich Bags on Rolls



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Kwik Fill® bags are compatible with all automatic packaging equipment and are packaged on an industry standard core. These bags feature a vertical perforation that allows easy access to the contents. Like all Kwik-Fill® bags, they’re made with BagMart’s exclusive Tuf-R® resin for the added strength that’s needed to withstand the stresses of automated packaging equipment. Kwik Fill® bags are pre-opened for easy loading and feature precise perforating for easy separation, so they also work great for manual applications. Because this film is made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene, it is an excellent choice for use in food applications.

  • Kwik-Fill® bags are made with BagMart’s exclusive Tuf-R® resin for added strength
  • Vertical perforations make the bag easy to open by the user
  • Bags are from seamless tubing and bottom sealed for extra strength, with no side slit seals
  • Industry standard core makes them compatible with all automatic packaging equipment
  • Precise perforations for proper bag performance with automated equipment
  • Work excellently in manual packaging operations
  • Meets FDA requirements for food service applications

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