Storage Bags Available From Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   February 16, 2022

Storage Bags

For businesses, how you package your products available for sale may be just as important as what you are selling. You want the items in the bag to be clearly displayed. In addition, you want everything in them to be secure and not fall out before opening. If you are in the market for new packaging materials, consider the selection at Bagmart. We feature a wide selection of storage bags that are perfect for holding any kind of product.

Poly Tubing

One of the top methods for packaging is polyethylene tubing. It is adaptable for items of various sizes by cutting to a requested length and sealing. Bagmart carries clear poly tubing in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 6 mils. Plus, the film is made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, which makes it compatible for use with food products. In addition, the tubing is treated on one side for printing. This tubing can be heat sealed, taped, or stapled at one or both ends. Each size comes on 12” diameter rolls. In addition, we also carry tabletop dispensing racks, which make it easy to unroll the tubing.

Drawstring Storage Bags

Bagmart also carries double drawstring bags that open easily and close securely. In addition, the strings offer ease in hanging the bags for display. Made from polypropylene, the bags offer exceptional clarity for outstanding product presentation. They are available in 1.5 and 2-millimeter sizes in clear styles, and with a write-on block for labeling. This makes these bags a great alternative to cloth drawstring bags. Use these bags for multiple purposes, such as work orders, manuals, courtesy bags, and retail packaging.

Seal Top Storage Bags

If you are looking for a storage option that provides outstanding protection, convenience, and economy, consider Clear Line Seal Top Reclosable bags from Bagmart. They are available in 2 and 4-mil thicknesses. Also, they make an economical option for short-term, refrigerated, or lightweight storage. A zipper-type seal at the top of the bag opens and closes easily with repeated usage. In addition, they meet FDA requirements for use with food applications. Versions of these bags are also available with holes at the top of the bag for hanging and write-on blocks to hold various information.