Stretch Film Benefits for Business

By Bagmart   |   March 17, 2022

Stretch FIlm

For businesses that deal with pallets of materials, using stretch film is an effective way to provide protection and packaging at an affordable cost. It is what it says: a stretchable plastic film that keeps products from being damaged while shipping. Damage may come as a result of incorrect handling, errant movement, or things based on the environment. There are specific benefits that come from adding stretch film to your business. Here are some of the advantages as well as a look at the inventory carried by Bagmart.

Superior Protection

Stretch film is the perfect solution for businesses that have large numbers of products that need to be secured. When used, they offer increased security, minimizing the possibility of shipping damage. For items stored outside, special UVI film protects items from UV rays. In addition, an opaque film blocks load contents which reduces cases of theft. It also prevents dist, moisture, and dirt from seeping into wrapped products.

Efficiency and Value

Along with the protection it provides, stretch film is an efficient way to wrap items. A stretch wrap machine, which automates the wrapping process, helps with making securing items a faster process. The film itself offers better packaging operations and inventory control while expanding the versatility of product loads. It is also a more economical option when compared to strapping, corrugated, or heat shrink film. On average, equipment for stretch wrap cost less than alternatives of the same caliber, and use less energy.

Bagmart’s Stretch Film

If your business needs film, come to Bagmart. We have film that can be wrapped both by hand and by machine. Our stretch film is available in a variety of sizes and colors. For movers, we also offer XP High-Performance Pre-Stretched Film. This film comes in lighter-weight rolls that are easier to use and at a lower cost without sacrificing performance. The special XP formulation eliminates the need to stretch film for the best results.