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Learn more about everything that Bagmart has to offer with their wide range of popular products.

Wide Range of Bagmart’s Products

September 10, 2021 by BigBagMartian

As we’ve said before, a business is only as strong as the product or service it offers. This is where Bagmart products come in. Bagmart prides itself on manufacturing solid and durable bagging products for a variety of industries. With bagging products made for healthcare, food, retail, and even industrial, Bagmart is an industry leader in all things bagging. From grocery bags to laundry bags and pharmacy bags to furniture covers, Bagmart has an extensive and impressive inventory. Here are just a few of our most popular Bagmart products. </span>

Silverware Bags 

Whether it’s a knife to cut into a juicy steak or a fork to twirl your spaghetti with, silverware is an absolute necessity when it comes to eating out. This is why every restaurant must have silverware for their guests. But to keep silverware clean and decontaminated, you must store them in plastic bags. Bagmart provides a variety of silverware bags with an assortment of closure designs and materials. Priced anywhere between $15.30 and $24.54, these silverware bags are the perfect choice for your restaurant or bakery. For more information on Bagmart’s silverware bags, click here

Furniture Covers 

Moving is stressful for everyone, especially if you’re moving with fragile pieces of furniture. Bagmart manufactures best-in-class furniture covers to ensure the protection of your precious pieces of furniture during a move. These furniture covers are made of low-density polyethylene that features side gussets to fit over the piece of furniture easily. The furniture covers make it to where your furniture is safe and secure from any outside or exterior threats. Coming in a variety of sizes, these furniture covers can cost anywhere between $103.74 to $129.17. If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, take a look at Bagmart’s state-of-the-art furniture covers here

Trash Bags And Can Liners 

Trashcans are an integral part of any household or restaurant. But these trashcans are rendered useless without a trash bag. Bagmart prides itself on selling durable and robust trash bags that can fit any of your home’s trashcans. Made with high-density polyethylene, these trash bags are puncture-resistant and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These trash bags also have USDA and FDA-approved resins with no side seams or side seals. Bagmart offers these trash bags in gauges from 6 to 22 microns. We are also proud to admit that these trash bags are leak-resistant with a star seal bottom. Priced between $28.80 and $52.94, these trash bags come in a wide range of sizes that are perfect for any home trash can. In need of trash bags? Click here to learn more about Bagmart’s ultramodern trash bags.