Top Bags For Sale at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   June 22, 2022

Bags For Sale

Since 1987, Bagmart has provided quality bags for various industries. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, or other business, we have the bags that you need most. We also carry items such as bubble wrap and stretch film for domestic clients. Here is a look at some of our most popular bags for sale.

Microwavable Produce Pouches

For businesses that sell produce such as vegetables, we feature microwaveable steam pouches. These pouches allow you to separate vegetables into meal-sized portions. These bags can go in the microwave or boiled to provide customers with a hot meal in minutes. Made from a crystal-clear polypropylene material, they help keep vegetables fresh until cooking. A handle and zipper closure are also included.

Resealable Garment Bags For Sale

For businesses that need a storage option for garments and apparel, resealable garment bags from Bagmart serve as an excellent choice. They are made from FDA-compliant 1.5 mil clear LDPE and are secured with a resealable lip and tape adhesive. They also feature warning labels in 6 languages to prevent suffocation.

Composta Stand-Up Pouches

Composta Stand-Up Pouches provide packaging with sustainability. Made from kraft paper, they are durable and designed for high-level performance. They are useful for packaging any kind of item, including food products. A recloseable zipper system keeps items in place, and its material offers a barrier to grease and moisture. The Composta Stand-Up Pouches are available in four sizes to meet your specific needs.

Fast Take Bags For Sale

Bagmart’s Fast Take Bags are designed to prevent rips and tears while filling, plus offer superior leak protection. Featuring deep side gussets and a square bottom, these bags don’t tip over when filled. Whether you are looking for a way to hold fruit, cosmetics, or gifts, these bags are perfect. In addition, there is an integrated handle to make carrying easy.