Bags for Movers at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   January 19, 2022

Bags for Movers

If you are a moving company, you want to do everything possible to protect your client’s items. It could be as small as a glass bowl or something larger like pieces of furniture. No matter what it is, you want it to get to its new destination safely. This is where Bagmart’s selection of bags can help. We offer a wide selection of bags that are designed to hold any item and protect them during transport. Here is a look at some of the inventory of bags for movers we carry.

Stretch Film for Movers

Our XP High Performance Pre-Stretched Film (18″ x 2,000′, 150 rolls/pallet) is very popular with our many Two Men and a Truck customers.  Give us a call for pricing and a sample.  Free freight typically available on 2 or more pallets.

Anti-Static Bags for Movers

If you have gadgets with sensitive electronic components, you know that they can be susceptible to dust and static damage. Bagmart carries anti-static bags that prevent the possibility of damage. Our pink anti-static bags are 2 mils thick and feature a special material with additives that eliminate static damage during packaging, storing, and shipping. They are also amine-free, preventing damage to sensitive polycarbonate boards. We also feature black anti-static bags that are thicker at 4 mils. These bags meet full static decay requirements and with a stronger size, provide enhanced surface resistivity.

Furniture Covers

For homeowners, their furniture comes in many styles and sizes, but they are all important. That makes it key to ensure that they are protected. Bagmart makes this possible with our selection of furniture covers. These covers are made from low-density polyethylene and include generous side gussets designed to fit over furniture easily. The bags protect furniture from moisture, dirt, and dust during moving and storage.

Garment Bags

Garment bags are typically used by dry cleaners and laundry services. However, they also help movers to protect a customer’s clothing during a move. Bagmart carries bags in two different thicknesses and is available for all clothing sizes. A third version that is wider with side gussets is also available. These bags come packed on a perforated roll for easy dispensing.

Mattress Bags for Movers

If your customers need a way to protect their mattresses while moving, mattress bags from Bagmart are a great option. We offer bags in sizes ranging from twin to king. These bags provide protection against dirt and other contaminants and also make it easy to indicate the mattress’s condition. Bagmart’s mattress bags come with a gusset for easy entry and removal. They also feature vent holes to remove excess air.