custom printed bags

What you need to know

BagMart offers a wide variety of stock products, however, when you need a size or special feature that is not offered as a stock product or wish to have your company logo printed on your bag ask us about a custom bag. Consider the following variables and give us a call for a free quote on your custom print bag service. Get a quote on our custom print bag service today!

Time Frame 

Firstly, from the time you place your order and submit your artwork (in a digital format) to us, it typically takes around a week to produce a proof for you to sign off, then another 4 – 6 weeks for production, and as much as another week to get it to you (depending on how close you live to the plant where your bags are produced). Then, if you need your bags in less than two months from the time you call us, it may prove difficult.

What we need from you


Also, the sizing is up to you. We need to know how wide and how tall your bag needs to be. Furthermore, does it need any side or bottom gussets (pleats) that fold out for extra room and better fit? If you’re not sure just tell us what is going to go in the bag. Be prepared to measure it with a tape measure or ruler.

We also need to know your bag’s thickness. Additionally, we’re looking for a measurement in either mils or microns here. If you don’t know just tell us what you’re going to put in the bag and how heavy it is. Are there any sharp edges or corners?

Special Features

  • Do you need a die-cut handle?
  • Does it need to be reinforced with a fold-over?
  • Do you need strap handles like a grocery bag?
  • How about a zip-lock or tamper-evident feature?
  • A hang hole?
  • Tear notches?


  • Are you looking for standard polyethylene (like you would find in a zip-lock bag) or something more similar to cellophane?
  • We can also do a wide variety of plain and decorative papers.
  • Does the film need to have any special properties such as being freezable or boilable?
  • What color are you looking for?


We will need your artwork in a digital format, something that you can e-mail to us. Several but not all of our manufacturers require the artwork to be in Vector Art format. Printing and plates are typically charged on a per color/per side basis, so printing fewer colors and only one side can save you money.

Graphics that are close to photographic in quality require expensive plates. Simple solid block colors look very nice on a printed bag and can save a lot on plate costs. Plate costs are charged on your first order. After that, they can be reused over and over for future orders.


Finally, the manufacturing plant will require a minimum order quantity often as low as 5,000 bags, depending on the type and size of the bag. If you require fewer bags than that, you may want to get an unprinted bag and apply labels to them or contact a printer who can do “hot stamping”.