Hotel Bags Available at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   April 27, 2022

Hotel Bags

If you are running a hotel, there are a number of elements to consider to ensure your guests are taken care of. Bags play an important role in this. There is a wide selection of bags you can use for various services. At Bagmart, we offer hotel bags made for multiple areas, all with outstanding quality and value. Here is a look at some of our inventory.

Shower Caps

You may not think of shower caps as integral. However, they are an underrated investment. They help keep your guest’s hair dry when washing up at the end of the day or following a morning shower. We feature 20” size caps in boxes of 100 and are made to fit in any amenity basket in a room.

Laundry Hotel Bags

If your hotel offers laundry services, you want to be able to have a way for your guests to hold any dirty clothes. Bagmart carries hotel laundry bags in two closure types: draw tape and integrated tear tape. These bags come in two sizes and feature information blocks allowing guests to write their name and hotel room number.

Ice Bucket Liners

Hotels often feature ice machines, allowing guests to grab ice for storing drinks. When transporting ice from the machine to their rooms, guests usually use an ice bucket. Our ice bucket liners are a great and sanitary way to fill an ice bucket. Bagmart’s single-use, food-grade liners can be switched out daily, ensuring your guests always have a clean transport method for ice. They also serve as small ice bags.

Umbrella Hotel Bags

When it rains and your guests use umbrellas to get inside, having protection from drips can prevent dangerous slips or falls. Our umbrella bags are a convenient and cost-effective way to prevent wet floors during rainy weather. These bags are made from high-density polyethylene and are available in two different sizes, perfect for umbrellas of any length. We also carry stands that allow for easy bag addition and removal.