Popular Products By Bagmart

Popular Products By Bagmart

Any business is only as strong as the products they sell. A businesses’ entire success and failure rely on the qualities of the products or services that they provide. Luckily for you, Bagmart delivers the highest quality of bagging products. Working for a variety of industries, Bagmart has dedicated itself to manufacturing and selling plastic bagging products to ensure the safety of your materials and products. From foldover shirt bags for costumes and uniforms to steamer bags for all-in-one meal prep, Bagmart has something for everyone when it comes to any plastic bagging needs. 

Experienced in a handful of industries, Bagmart has provided multiple kinds of products for our customers and clients. Our products are ensured to keep your items safe and secure from the outside world with a careful design and intricate process, thus reducing the odds of contamination and any other outside worries. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look for yourself. 

Bagmart’s Identi-Film Hand Wrap In Colors 

One of Bagmart’s top products are our Identi-Film Hand Wrap pallet wraps. As the name would imply, these wraps come in a variety of colors in order to improve product coding for your company or organization. These colors also help with load identification and tamper evidence. With 3″ core hand wrap and 80 gauge, these pallet wraps are perfect for any industrial business as they are firm, durable, and reasonably priced. The colors that Bagmart offers include red, black, blue, yellow, and even orange. 

13 X 13 Foldover Shirt Bag

Transitioning from the industrial industry to the clothing industry, Bagmart is known for its foldover bags that can carry a wide range of clothing. A favorite among embroiderers for golf shirts and uniforms, Bagmart is also known for providing the plastic bags that are used by laundry mats all across the world. This specific 13 X 13 Foldover shirt bag is 1.25 mils with a 13 X 13 + 4 reverse flip.  At only 49.50 per thousand, the 13 X 13 foldover shirt bag is one of the very affordable products that Bagmart provides for their consumer base. 

Steamer Bags For Microwave/Ovens

Now comes the bags that will make your mouth water and stomach growl. Bagmart works specifically with the food industry to ensure the safety and protection of produce all over the country. We do this explicitly through our steamer bags that are made primarily for microwaves and ovens. These state-of-the-art cooking bags are used by grocery stores and delis all over the world, making sure that your foods of all kinds are safe and secure. Meats, produce, and even seafood have been protected by these ultramodern plastic bags, thus making these steamer bags some of the most popular plastic bags to be used within the food and grocery industry. While the prices range anywhere from 113.90 to 190.94, these steamer bags are well worth the hefty price tag as they are incredibly durable and one of the safest products around when it comes to securing any of your food.   

As a much more affordable option for the home cook, we also offer the 8.75 x 10.75 in a pack of 6 for just under $7.

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