Stand-Up Pouches, Silver

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Made from a choice of four different films, all with varying barrier properties. Our Stand Up Pouches are designed to stand up on their own when full. All pouches are heat sealable, featuring a K-style construction, tear notches and ¼” round hang hole.

K-Style Construction

  • Constructed with 3/8” seals on three sides, and two angled seals at the bottom to make the pouch stand more sturdily. All pouches are measured in outer dimensions.

Four Film Options

  • Choose from clear poly nylon, clear PET front and silver metalized back, silver metalized, or white foil. Material specification documents are available upon request.

Additional information

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4" x 6" + 2.5"BG, 5" x 8.5" + 3"BG, 6" x 9.5" + 3.5"BG, 7.5" x 11.5" + 3.5"BG