Wrap Net II (on 3″ core handles for hand application)

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WSN04 – 20″ width, 3,000 length, 90 rolls/pallet (pricing per roll – based on pallet qty)

What is Pallet WrapNet?
WrapNet is a light weight knitted netting. The primary use of WrapNet is for stabilizing unitized pallets.

Why is Pallet WrapNet Used?
The common denominator for all uses of WrapNet is the need for the palletized goods to “breathe”. Palletizing fresh fruits and vegetables is the primary use of WrapNet, but there are growth areas in other niche markets that can mean increased sales and new accounts.

WrapNet Solves Problems
If condensation formation on the inside of stretch film is a problem, the use of WrapNet is an efficient, cost effective method of alleviating the problem. If goods require a well ventilated area to cure or cool down, WrapNet is the solution.

Hand Held WrapNet
Comes complete and ready to use, hand held WrapNet comes on lightweight disposable core handles for easy application.

Which Equipment Will WrapNet Work On?
Machine WrapNet has a standard 3” I.D. core and is designed to fit on conventional spiral wrapping machines, If the machine can exert tension on the core or the net, it will likely work with no alterations, meaning immediate application for your customers and sales for you.

Industry Uses

  • Flower / Seeds / Nursery
  • Pet Food
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture / Produce / Farm / Garden
  • Meat Products
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Wood / Lumber / Paper Mills
  • Dairy / Frozen Products

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Weight 8 lbs