Restaurant Bags Available For Sale at Bagmart

By Bagmart   |   November 19, 2021

Restaurant Bags

For people in the restaurant industry, bags may not seem like a major thing but are a huge part of the business. However, recent years have seen an increase in takeout and delivery services.  This means having a way to carry out meals is more important than ever. Bagmart carries a wide selection of bags designed to give customers a way to carry out their food safely and securely. Here are some of the bags we carry for restaurants.

Take Out Restaurant Bags

Take-out options are becoming more of an option chosen by diners. As a restaurant, you want to make sure a customer’s order arrives at their destination without having everything spill out. This is where Bagmart’s take-out restaurant bags come in handy. Our collection of bags are made using a strong, high-density material that prevents rips and tears, and also provides leak protection. They feature a deep gusset which allows them to stand up. This makes loading and unloading meals into the bags easy, and can also reduce the chance of spills. The bags come in a variety of handle styles, with square, loop, and wave-top options available. Depending on which style you get, these bags come in boxes of 200 and 500 per package. They also come in multiple sizes to match the needs of your restaurant.

From a delivery standpoint, there are more services than ever that offer to bring food directly to a customer’s house. Restaurants want to ensure that their food arrives correctly. Customers want to trust that delivery drivers will have their food delivered in a timely and proper manner. Bagmart offers Fast Take Tamper-Evident Carryout Bags, which are designed to make sure a customer’s food gets to them without the possibility of tampering. These bags seal at the top with a secure, tamper-proof tape. This protects the contents inside, and opens easily via a perforation. Like the traditional take-out bags, the Fast Take bags have a wide opening and a large gusset for easy loading and unloading. The bags also feature steam vents that keep food inside from getting soggy. The Bagmart Tamper-Evident Carryout Bags come printed or in plain white.

Stand-Up Pouches

If you’re a restaurant that sells ingredients or a take-home version of one of your menu options, Bagmart has the perfect way to carry supplies. We offer a collection of stand-up pouches that come in four different film styles. These pouches stand up when filled, which makes them perfect for storage. Each version of the Stand-Up Pouch is heat sealable, with tear notches and a hang hole for displaying. Pouches are available in white, clear, and silver, with the option of a write-on strip for the clear bags that allow for recording important information.

Another pouch product available for sale at Bagmart is Drink To Go Pouches. With the events of recent months, many restaurants have primarily focused on carry-out services, which reduces the capability to sell alcoholic beverages on their property. The Drink To Go Pouches offer a way for these restaurants to offer drinks to customers. Our pouches are freezable and come in 12-ounce sizes. A case comes with 1000 pouches with 50 inner packs.

Silverware Bags

When ordering takeout, customers want to ensure everything they want is there when they pick up their order. This includes silverware. Bagmart carries a variety of bags that are designed to hold forks, knives, and other items so they are ready to use. The standard silverware bags come in 5 sizes and come either flat-packed or on rolls that have vertical perforations designed for easy opening. We also carry saddle pack bags that come with a flip-top closure. These bags are made from high-density and low-density material and feature a dispenser designed to make filling the bags easy. They come in bundles of 200 bags and are perfect for when small or moderate numbers of bags need to be filled.

Bagmart carries a wide selection of bags that are perfect for meeting the needs of restaurants of all sizes. Our bags handle any take-out orders and ensure your product will be delivered in an orderly fashion.